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Dissertationeditingservices.co.uk is a proofreading and editing company. We are a group of highly skilled people with great academic backgrounds. Our editors and proofreaders are from the academic backgrounds of masters and PhDs. They have been in this field for as long as they can remember and have come face to face with many monster like thesis and dissertations. We together work to bring you the best services us can offer. Proofreading is our specialty and we have devised several ways to ensure that all mistakes have been identified by our proofreader. A thesis can be the sole document your entire career depends on. Hence it should be given a lot of importance. It should be perfect, a lot of effort goes into writing it but all that effort goes down the drain if your thesis is infested with errors. To avoid this you must proofread your document yourself or ask us to do it for you. We have professional proofreaders who can tackle any thesis with extreme tact.

What’s included in proofreading?

Proofreading means to read a document that is completed and needs to be approved. Proofreading does not only mean reading but it means to read to identify mistakes.

It identifies mistakes that are of the grammatical nature, formatting issues and language glitches. There are several things included in proofreading. A proofreader reads the entire document word by word and identifies all sorts of errors. A proofreader will highlight whatever seems incorrect or awkward. There are several mistakes such as grammar errors and typographical mistakes that the writer must have missed and the computer must not have identified. While proofreading the proofreader is allowed to make minor changes to the script for example grammatical mistakes or improper sentence structuring but they cannot make major changes and completely change sentences or format paragraphs, this is the job of the editor. In proofreading you will also find analysis of the structure of the content and a proofreader will closely examine whether you have used the same font and font size throughout or not. Students also make formatting errors where they put in double spaces and the documents is not aligned, a proofreader while highlight all such issues for the writer to make the required corrections.

When proofreading, the reader will read every paragraph closely to see if there has been something missing or if something has been placed out of order. Furthermore, a proofreader’s job also entails the crosschecking of all the facts and figures mentioned. They will make sure the thesis is accurate and does not make any false claims. Similarly, references mentioned are also checked to see if they are authentic, this will prove that the content is free of plagiarism.

Best thesis proofreading services

Ever since we were young, our teachers advised us to check our work once we had completed it. We were told to read it twice to make sure there are no mistakes. It has always been fruitful, when you read your script after writing it you are able to identify all the mistakes that you have made and can correct them then and there. Now that we have grown up we follow the same principal of proofreading our work before submitting it. But a problem stands, that now proofreading is very difficult and requires an expert to do it correctly. You as a student now have several other things to do and don’t have the time nor the expertise required. But luckily there are many websites that offer professional proofreading and editing help. These websites are very competent and can easily take the burden off your shoulders and proofread your thesis for you.

We are aware that there are many students who do part time jobs and hardly have time to make it to their classes. They find it increasingly hard to proofread their thesis as they have spent a lot of time writing it. Furthermore many times, because we have written the document ourselves we are unable to identify the errors. Two sets of eyes are greatly appreciated here and can prove to be of great help to make your thesis, submit worthy.

Features of our thesis proofreading

Dissertationeditingservices.co.uk offers you thesis proofreading that is the best and most quality service in the market. Our proofreading service has the following features:

  • Your thesis is checked twice by two different editors to completely eliminate any possibility of mistakes.
  • Our proofreaders are highly qualified, subject specialists who have a lot of knowledge of the subject and can quickly identify if anything is wrong.
  • We have native English speakers on our team, who have solid grammar skills and can rectify any grammar mistakes.
  • We have a vast research library that can be used to check the facts and figures mentioned in the thesis.
  • Our proofreaders are trained according to market standards and will judge your thesis on that, to make sure it is of market quality.
  • Proofreaders will not make any kind of big changes, just highlight what they think needs amendments.
  • Our proofreaders will provide you with a detailed analysis of your thesis, they will tell you about what must you fix in your writing style to make sure your thesis is of good quality.
  • Proofreaders on our team also check for improper words that have been misused, they will also make suggestions of the words you can use in its place.

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