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If you’re looking to find a quality fix for the proofreading your dissertation then this website is for you. We here at believe to provide a detailed analysis of your dissertation when we proofread. Getting rid of the work and rushing things is not the way we roll. We’re not doing it for free, your hard earned money should not go to waste. We have expert proofreaders on our team who proofread your dissertation with complete attention. Risking your final grade by just skimming through the document is of no use and will have a bad impression on our customers when they find errors later. We believe that two pairs of eyes are better than one and that you should get your work proofread professionally. To get your work proof-read you must know what it entails.

What is Included in Proofreading?

Proofreading by definition means to go over a document to identify errors such as grammatical, spelling, punctuation and structure. It also looks at the flow of the dissertation and makes sure there is rhythm in the passage. But here in the world of academic, proofreading has different aspects.
Proofreading is the scrutiny of a document that is completed and is finally submitted by the writer, then the proofreader reads the document and looks for mistakes here and there. The proof-reader identifies the grammatical mistakes that the writer and the computer both might have missed. Then it includes checking for any typing mistakes in the document, many a times, typing mistakes are overlooked by computer software. A proofreader will read it closely and look at each word to see if it is written properly. Then a proofreader makes sure that all punctuation marks are placed in their right places and not one is misplaced. Double spaces are also eliminated and corrected. Confusing words such as ‘than’ and ‘then’ are often mistaken for each other. A professional proofreader will know what was intended and which of the two options fit here. Furthermore a proofreader looks at the shape of the text and corrects if there are any abnormalities which include inconsistent font and font size, margins and indentation. If the text is on the web and is a web copy then all the links that are mentioned are cross checked for any problems before approving the text.
After all this identification, proofreaders either make the small changes themselves or they highlight it and leave notes for the writer to read and make the required changes by themselves. A proofreader does not make major changes, which is the job of the editor. If any part of the document is not making any sense then a proofreader will not make any changes on his own but will highlight and make notes. This is one of the biggest difference between a proofreader and an editor.

Best Dissertation Proofreading Services

When you have a busy schedule, it is understandable that you will not find time to proofread your entire dissertation. There are many students right now who are doing part time jobs along with their degrees, these students do not get time to proofread their assignments on their own as they already have spent a big chunk of their time writing it. Also many students are not very fond of reading and five minutes in, they start yawning uncontrollably. These students cannot read the entire document and let the mistakes go. These mistakes can easily be corrected if they get help from a professional proofreader. A professional proofreader will thoroughly read your document and make sure that all the mistakes that you and your computer both have over looked are corrected.

To get help from a professional you must contact a proofreading and academic writing website. These websites have the best proofreaders available and will work for you in a very reasonable amount, where would you find a proofreading and editing website you ask? Well open your eyes wide, we’re right here. offers the best proofreading and editing service in the market, our proofreaders and editors are vigorously trained to master their jobs. They are highly qualified people who have satisfied countless customers and keep doing so. We are a UK certified company and abide by all the laws set. Privacy and security are two of our prime focuses. We provide you with professionals and not rookies as we know how important dissertations are and cannot be dealt by fresh proofreaders. Why must you risk your dissertation by hiring just about any proofreading company when you can order our services? Take help from our proofreaders and editors to excel in your academic life.

Features of our proofreading services:

  • All the orders we receive for proofreading are screened twice by two different proofreaders to make sure not a single mistakes slips through.
  • Our proofreaders have strong grammar sense and can identify the slightest of grammar mistakes. We do not let any line that seems awkward or isn’t properly phrased, pass.
  • Because of two proofreaders reading your document, we have a very high success rate and numerous satisfied customers.
  • Our proofreaders are not allowed to make any big changes and are asked to highlight the area and send it back to the writer to inform him of the errors.
  • While proofreading our writers are told to do it in sections and not the entire document all at once, this helps them in maintaining attention and reading it properly.
  • We have a large research data that can be used to cross check facts and figures mentioned in the dissertation.
  • Our proofreaders are all aware of the different style guides used by different institutions and judge your content accordingly.
  • We have trained our proofreaders according to the market standards and will make sure your content is the same way.
  • We provide quality service in reasonable packages.
  • Our services are timely and will make sure that all deadlines are followed

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