Get your dissertations checked by scrutinizing eyes offers you its dissertation checking services, we have expanded our services and along with proofreading and editing we also do the checking for you. Our dissertation experts are very apt at checking all sorts of dissertations. Our team consists of highly qualified people who have completed their PhDs and have been in this field for a long time. Our checkers are trained professionals and have gone through vigorous training sessions in order to be experts at what they do. They check your dissertation according to market standards and make sure that your work is of premium quality. We are very focused on providing the best of services and expect a 100 % satisfaction rate. In checking for your dissertation we check for the following things.

Language checking

The most common errors made by students in dissertations are language errors. Native English speakers when pressured with extensive work often make mistakes. This puts a very bad impact on the reader. Language errors are not expected at this level and are highly discouraged. Your grammar must be strong enough to write a dissertation without making any errors. Here is a list of the most common language errors that are made in a dissertation.

  • Spelling errors: Many people have weak spellings but when they type it out on their computers the software detects many spelling errors right away that you can easily correct. However, there are still many spelling mistakes that are not rectified by the computer software and slip through the eyes of the writer. These spelling mistakes are then identified by the dissertation checker. Spelling errors such as using the homophone of the word rather than actually using the right word. For example using the word there instead of their.
  • The usage of proper words is extremely necessary, we can’t just make up grammar rules on our own and use them as we please. We need to make sure the words we are using mean what we intend to say. In order to beautify our writing we use many different and new words. This fancy vocabulary might make for errors as the words can have different meanings than we predicted. Only words whose meanings you’re sure of should be used.
  • Usage of proper tenses. Tenses are very important when writing a dissertation and students often confuse between tenses and shift from one to another in between paragraphs. This is extremely wrong and unacceptable. You must use a single tense throughout your dissertation.
  • A dissertation is a very serious document and holds immense importance in the mark up for your grade. It must be written in a technical way using technical words. Your script must be filled with jargon so that the reader knows that you are competent and have a good knowledge of the topic.

Flow and compliance checking

Our dissertation checkers check your dissertation for several things other than just language. We check to see if the content you have written is according to the rubric given to you, it is following the style guide suggested and is referenced using the format decided. Often it is seen that students don’t properly read the rubric and start writing their dissertations immediately. This results in misunderstanding of the rubric an then the entire dissertation becomes useless as it does not answer the question properly. You must read the rubric properly and see what is asked of you. In some places you might be asked to answer a question through your dissertation or even compare two things.
It should be incompliance with the rubric given and must not stray away from the topic. Furthermore, your dissertation is a piece of academic writing and one of the purpose of it is to prepare you for your future. You are taught to follow the style guides given to you. Your paper must be a 100% in accordance to the style guide provided as there are marks assigned to it. All the ancillary devices should be used as demanded. For example the abstract and acknowledgements are a must and should be included in your dissertation.

Similarly a dissertation checker will make sure your content is properly referenced using the reference style suggested. There are different referencing styles used such as MLA, APA and even Chicago style. Referencing is very important and holds a good amount of marks waiting to be earned and referencing allows you to avoid plagiarism claims. A dissertation checker, cross checks your references to see that you haven’t copied the content. Plagiarism is a punishable crime and must be avoided at all costs. Our dissertation writers make sure that your content is not copied. Even if the content is copied a dissertation checker will identify it and ask you to rewrite the specific part.

Dissertation is a long document and when you write it, you make many organizational mistakes. The structure of your dissertation is important. Your dissertation should have a strong structure. Each paragraph should be clearly written. Your dissertation should be divided into proper paragraphs, and not written in one long paragraph. When reading a text that has a poor structure, people get bored and get lost in the words. To make it readable, divide it into paragraphs and try to use subheadings to make sure that not a lot of information is bunched together.

We have the best dissertation checkers on our team who have experience of many years. You can easily get your dissertation checked by professionals without having to worry about submitting an unchecked dissertation. Our dissertation experts, check for all the above mentioned points and so much more. We check for different punctuation mistakes and also for sentence structures, students often only use long run-on sentences. Reading sentences with same length over and over again can be boring for many and they might lose interest in reading further.

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