8 Apps For Students That Help To Prepare For Exam

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8 Apps For Students That Help To Prepare For Exam

Being a student is really hard at this time. Their plates are full to the top and don’t have any more energy as well. Their educational work starts early in the morning with their schools, colleges and universities. Not just that after this, most students do a part-time job and above they need to complete huge homework like thesis, dissertation and many more. Technology has unloaded some of the work in different ways to save some time. With the advancement of technology, students can hire Dissertation editing and proofreading service online. They can even use different apps to prepare for exams. If you are looking for these apps that help prepare for the exam. Then look no further below are 8 apps that will help you make for those mind-blasting exams.  

  • Google Drive

Our computers aren’t reliable, and we all know that. You should take a chance on your important school notes by just placed on a computer can lose these files at any moment. Without a proper backup, you will lose your notes and fail in the exams. The solution to this problem is Google Drive. You can back up almost all your files on it. Additionally, you can also access all your data from one place and any place as long as you have an internet connection and smart device. Provisions for offline use and collaboration make it one of the best study app for this era.

  • Evernote

You might be an old school student if still using flip cards. This is a technological era, why not go digital. Evernote will help you create custom memos with clips, photos, audio files and much more. The good news about it that you have a large number of format to use to do that. This is the app is very exceptional useful in pinning those important classroom notes.

  • Loop

We all some habit that makes distract us from our study time, and we end up using all-time on something else. Loop can help you keep track of your daily and weekly goals and studies. Set a reminder and focus on the most critical tasks. Loop will block specific apps on your phones such as Facebook, youtube and some other. These can distract you a lot during an intense study session. It will reduce the overall temptation of watching movies and using social media when exams are a few days ahead.

  • Tide

Focusing on your studies can be difficult and hard to sustain. Especially when you solving those boring math equation for your exam. Don’t worry, Tide can answer that. With Tide, you get to listen to background music that will enhance your overall focus throughout the study session. You can also use it to Tide to schedule and arrange task from urgent to not important. Tide will also help assign a small break between these tasks as well.

  • Forest

Forest is an application that keeps your mind focused on the studies. It works, and user interface both is simple. Open your open application and start to study you plant a seed. You can also set a timer on the app on how much time you will complete the task on hand. In this time you won’t be able to access some apps on your phone. If you complete the task on time, the seed will grow into a tree. What a lovely environmental app it is?

  • Todait

Finding that perfect study planner is not can be really hard. We know that there are many college paper application for choosing the best college assignments. However, study todait is little different. It has tons of various features. It can help come up with a proper study plan for your assignments. It can also track your progress and in the end, gives you weekly and monthly progress stats.

  • My Study Life

Want a calendar app that does more than telling dates? My study life is the just-right app calendar app for this. It is suitable for high school, college and university students. With this app, you can create and assign a task, set reminder and come up with best study time tables.


With the app like study blue, you can create a digital version of whole classroom study material and notes. Just upload and go right into your digital flashcard, quizzes and more.

These are the 8 apps for students that help to prepare for exams. Remember your time very valuable, so use a proper shortcut to save time. Use Dissertation editing services to save time on thesis editing. Or start your work early to save time. We hope you like our blog.

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